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Throughout the life of a machine, incidents can occur that damage specific components, or even the look of your machine. In the past, these components would have been considered unrepairable. Not any more. Through welding and machining techniques, damaged engine blocks, large castings, axles, pivot shafts, and drums can be built back up and machined to exact specifications and painted to look like new.

Welding Services

We can repair a metal part quickly and for a much lower cost than replacing it. Can’t stop by? Give us a call and we can even meet you out in the field.

Machine Fabrication

From undercarriage fabrications to bucket rebuilds to attachment fabrication, IronMart is here for your repair needs. Our fully equipped welding/fabricating service trucks are ready to dispatch to your job site to minimize any downtime.

Painting Services

As a division of Blanchard Machinery, IronMart is proud to offer our customers fast, high-quality paint work for all makes and models of equipment, trucks, industrial equipment, and engines. We offer two modern and environmentally safe HVLP (High Volume/Low Pressure) paint booths at our Paint Service facility, centrally located in Columbia, SC.

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